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Mini Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

It seems like every time I buy a bouquet of flowers, a few buds and leaves break off. I’m left with an array of mixed-length ‘left overs’ that would normally get thrown away. So this time around, I used an old mini mason jar we had sitting around the house and a rubber band to make a mini flower arrangement that looks adorable on my bedroom window.

Take all the broken pieces and lay them out on a paper towel to see what is usable. Then between your fingers, arrange them in a nice bouquet shape so that the tops of the flowers are level, even if the bottom stems are different lengths. Now, wrap a rubber band around the stems to hold the arrangement in place. This way they’ll stay put when you put them in your mini mason jar.

Take the disc-shaped lid off your mason jar so that you’re just left with the metal band around the glass edge. This allows you to drop your flowers in the top and still keep the nostalgic look of a mason jar. Add water and you’re done!

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