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DIY Gemstone Lacquered Box


Need a place to store all your dainty jewelry? I love this project because it's so easy to do and makes a great gift! These little lacquered boxes can be adorned with gemstones or anything you'd like. I chose a few items to use on mine. A tiny gold horse shoe (to symbolize luck), a tiny gold tree (to symbolize family) and a beautiful gold edged agate slice (to symbolize nature). 

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Lacquered boxes - I found mine at the Container Store for under $10 each.
  • Super glue.
  • Needle nose pliers.
  • Gemstones or trinkets to adorn your boxes. If you like the gold edged gemstone look, check out Crystal River Gems. They have a ton of gold edged Agate slices for great prices!


  1. Apply super glue to the back of the gemstone (or whatever you're using to adorn your boxes). 
  2. Use the needle nose pliers to place your gemstone in the middle of the box and press firmly to apply pressure and seal the glue. 
  3. Give it a few minutes to dry and that's it! You've got a totally beautiful, handmade lacquered box. 

These are perfect for keeping jewelry, writing utensils or any tiny knick knacks you have. If you're looking for a great DIY holiday or birthday gift idea, these are perfect and everyone will be so impressed that you made it yourself!

I love how the gold looks on these black and white boxes. There are so many different ways you can customize these to match your style and color palette. 





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