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What Length Should My Necklace Be?

As a jewelry designer, I’m very sensitive as to where a necklace hits when worn. It’s a big part of the overall look of a piece and can make or break an outfit. I personally love mixing shorter, delicate necklaces with long layers. It can be tricky to know what length to order online. The diagram below and helpful tips should come in handy! (If you're wondering, the photo above shows a 15" evil eye necklace and 17" moon necklace)

Necklace Lengths Explained:

  • 17 inches long is a pretty good universal length that will fit almost everyone below the collarbone. 
  • If you're looking for something to hang long (think the boho look for long layered pieces) then 28 - 30 inches works best.
  • If you're wanting to hit right above or at the collarbone, 15 inches works great.
  • If you want to layer two delicate necklaces, try either of these combos. Two inches in between each necklace allows for each necklace to hang and allots for any dangling charms.
    • 15 and 17 inches
    • 16 and 18 inches



Have any questions about necklace lengths? Ask away! I'm happy to answer. 
XOXO - Amanda Deer



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