4 Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Going somewhere fabulous this summer? If you plan on taking your favorite jewelry to accessorize all those ingenious outfits you've been planning out, then read below! We've put together 4 tried and true tips for traveling with jewelry that will keep your pieces, safe and tangle-free!

1. Pack like a pro

Necklaces and bracelets need to be carefully packed to make sure chains don't get intertwined, or you spend half your time in your hotel room detangling a mess of chain! 

Get yourself a nice jewelry traveling case, the key things to look for are hooks where you can secure necklace and bracelet chains and little pouches for earrings and rings. Pick something that has a slim profile and sturdy structure so it will fit easily in your purse. We love this one by Estella Bartlett in blush, so cute!

If you don't have a jewelry pouch, have no fear! We have some great DIY methods that work like a charm.

Put your necklaces and bracelets in small plastic zipper bags. You can get these from a store like Michael's or even Office Max in a small 2"x 1" size for your dainty pieces. BUT...the trick that makes this work, is to leave a small bit of the chain hanging out of the zipper (we normally keep the clasp hanging out), and close the rest of the necklace inside. It works like a charm and your pieces will stay tangle-free.

Stud earrings can also be tricky to travel with if you don't pack them correctly. Posts can be bent or even worse, can snap off, if a pair of earrings is just rolling around in a larger bag with no protection. A quick, easy way to solve the problem is to use a little piece of Styrofoam. Push the post into the Styrofoam, then place in a little pouch. Posts will maintain their structure, just be sure you keep track of the backs!

2. Snap a picture

Whether you're a meticulous packer and have every outfit planned out, or a throw it all in last minute and hope it matches type...take a minute and snap a picture of the jewelry you're bringing. It's quick way to have an inventory of what you're taking. That way when you get home, you can account for all your pieces and make sure they made it safely back home. 

3. Carry-on your jewelry

Always carry your jewelry on the plane with you, don't pack it in your luggage which is susceptible to being carelessly tossed around, opened by TSA and even worse, being lost. Get a cute pouch or use your cosmetic bag as double-duty to store your jewelry in your carry on. (You know your purse is big enough!) For larger costume jewelry pieces, it's certainly OK to pack those in your checked luggage, but anything that's dainty, delicate, expensive or can't be replaced, needs to stay with you in your carry on. Better safe than sorry.

4. Use your hotel safe

You know the little safe in your hotel closet? It's there for a reason! The minute you get to your room, put all your jewelry inside the safe and make sure you lock it. (the same goes for your wallet, keys, passport and any other valuables) It not only keeps your things safe from theft, but you won't go crazy trying to remember where you put a pair of earrings that you NEED for dinner out. It's all in one place.

Owner and designer of Amanda Deer Jewelry. Lover of all things dainty and cute.

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