Amanda Deer Necklace Worn in X Men Dark Phoenix

Photo via 20TH CENTURY FOX

It's one of those pinch-me get an email that just couldn't be real. You read it and then read it again, read it out-loud to your team and then it sinks in!

That's about how we felt on April 20, 2017. We got a message from the costume designers on the X Men Dark Phoenix movie looking for a lightning bolt necklace to be worn in the film by the actress Alexandra Shipp, aka Storm.

We immediately got to work on a custom piece, working off a variation of an original piece we already had. They wanted 5 identical necklaces made on a slightly longer chain with a silver finish. 

As we got to work producing the pieces, we couldn't help but wonder how the necklace was going to be worn on the character. Would it be part of Storm's costume? Would it be the piece she wears as a 'tell' when she was in civilian clothes? Would it even make it in a scene? 

After the production pieces were made, we carefully packaged everything up and sent them on their way.

And then we waited. And waited.

Originally set to be released in November of 2018, X Men Dark Phoenix's release date was rescheduled several times, as movies often are. The anticipation was killing us, but a final release date of June 7th 2019 was announced and we were elated!

Our entire team in Austin, Texas attended the movie premiere together and as we got the first peek of our necklace on the big screen, we all cheered...probably making it a bit awkward for the other movie goers...

Shop the lightning bolt necklace storm is wearing here >

We are so honored to be a part of this film. Being an all-female team and getting to make a necklace for a strong female character to wear in a major motion picture was a dream come true. 

A huge thanks to the production team and costume designers on this amazing film. Thank you for working with our small, independent business!

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